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How to set up your social media profile

Social media platforms may vary in their features, post requirements and specific rules, but your social media profile should be set up in a professional and consistent way across all platforms. Follow these tips and your profile will look professional and interesting, wherever you’re posting. Pick a relevant name It goes without saying that you […]

New Year’s Social Media Clean-up

As seen in Connecting Albert County. We’ve made it to a new year, and we are all keen for a fresh start! As a county we came together and showed 2020 who’s boss and now we’re ready to show the rest of Canada our can-do spirit! Whether you are using social media to boost your […]

Common Social Media Mistakes and How we can Fix Them

There are few businesses left who don’t have some variety of social media presence, but if you are using it ineffectively you can find yourself lost in a rabbit hole that costs you valuable time and gives you little return. If you are mishandling it you can even be less appealing or professional to your […]

Uniquely You

Some people seem to launch their online presence flawlessly. They post all the right things. Tag all the right people.  They Livestream, they upload Instagram Stories, they write blogs … they do everything perfectly. While others (like me!)  have to work at it. And maybe you have to work at it too. You might be […]

The Habit Of Posting

“Post when you can, and about what feels natural.” I say this to a lot of people. People who are nervous about social media, artists who are content-shy or new-to-social media business owners getting started on social media. The thing is, your content depends a lot on you. Heck, it 100% depends on you. So […]