Tired of your same old social media posts? Looking to throw in some seasonal content that grabs attention? Try our Seasonal Social Starter Pack!

Struggling to find the time and/or resources to get seasonal content created? Fed up of only realizing at the last minute and ending up missing your deadlines?

Seasonal social media posts can help small businesses generate buzz, drive engagement, and increase sales by leveraging the power of current events and trends. Read more about the advantages of using seasonal social media posts here.

What do you get?

  • Christmas post
  • New Year’s Eve postClient testimonial for social media design
  • Valentine’s post
  • Easter post
  • Mother’s Day post
  • Father’s Day post
  • Halloween post
  • PLUS… 5 micro-holiday posts hand-selected for your business!

We will create imagery and copy for you to use as is or edit as needed. This includes suggested wording, captions, hashtags and a CTA, all tailored to your brand’s voice and audience.

  • Custom use of your colors, photos, branding and logo
  • Posting theme based on your preferences
  • Unique post imagery and text specific to your business
  • Posts in all formats (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Stories, etc)

These posts will be ready for you to use or we can post them for you so you can truly sit back and relax about your seasonal content.

Why post seasonal content?

From major holidays to themed content, holiday posts can range from Easter to Love What You Do Day. Posting these seasonal events helps your feed look timely and relevant, connects you to your customers on major holidays and helps raise awareness in a fun way on micro-holidays.

Why buy our Seasonal Social Starter Pack?

Seasonal posts are different from your more organic content. Every post in our Starter Pack is crafted from scratch by our in-house Designer with text written by our Copywriter. These designs will reflect your business, look polished and professional, and stop people from scrolling mindlessly past your content.

What platforms can I use them on?

Any! We want you to be fully flexible with these images, so we create them in a variety of formats, suitable for use on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or even as a Story.

Are there any restrictions on my usage?

No, you can use these for your own purposes as you wish again and again. They cannot be resold. You are free to re-use them year after year too!

How much does the Seasonal Social Starter Pack cost?

There are countless free or near-free social media design options like Canva or AI image generators, such as MidJourney or Firefly, so it’s easy to get caught up in the apparent “zero cost” options.  However, the true cost of using these types of services is often hidden:

Time -> You or a team member needs to spend time out of the work day creating and designing each post. This can easily equate to hours of lost time.

Uniqueness -> You are using cookie-cutter designs that do not highlight your branding like something built with you in mind from the ground up… you may even accidentally match your competitors!

Reputation -> If your graphics are sloppy or include bad grammar, you can ruin your reputation and reduce customer trust by looking unprofessional or careless.

Not a long-term solution -> Throwing together graphics at the last minute is not a long-term strategy and can lead to mistakes being made. A coordinated set of graphics can be used more intentionally, look more cohesive, and help you stand out from the competition.

We offer 12 professionally designed, tailored posts packaged at $150.

We have a range of available add-ons available, such as creation of Reels or TikToks. If you need branding guidelines created or your logo retouched or even redesigned, we can quote you separately for these services.

The Seasonal Social Starter Pack is included in our pro social media packages.

Wow your audience all year round with the Seasonal Social Starter Pack!