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During the last five reported years the exports of Canada have changed by $109B from $375B in 2016 to $484B in 2021. Canadian small businesses are strong and mighty, and many successfully export their unique products across the globe. From food and beverage companies to tartan scarves, we have helped clients optimize their business for international trade and rework their marketing for an international audience.

Challenges for Companies Exporting from Canada

  • Market Research and Insights: Conducting thorough market research and gaining insights into target markets is crucial for successful exporting. You will need to understand market trends, consumer preferences, competition, and regulatory requirements in their target markets.
  • Cultural and Language Differences: You may encounter cultural and language barriers when entering new markets. Understanding and adapting to local customs, language preferences, and cultural nuances is essential for effective marketing and communication.
  • Branding and Positioning: Building a strong brand and positioning it effectively in international markets can be challenging. You will need to develop a clear brand identity, messaging, and positioning strategy that resonates with your target audience in different markets.
  • Marketing Communication and Promotion: Developing effective marketing communication strategies and promotional campaigns tailored to each target market is essential to your success. You will need to consider cultural sensitivities, language preferences, and local media channels for their marketing efforts.
  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing: Leveraging e-commerce platforms and digital marketing channels can help you reach a wider audience and overcome geographical barriers. However, navigating the digital landscape and optimizing your online presence can be challenging.

Marketing your product to international audiences doesn’t have to be a difficult process. We can work with you to nail down your message and help you position yourself effectively in the international marketplace.

Our clients who export internationally - Turtlepurl, Haskap Highland Orchards, Taylors Tartans, Atlantic Canada Language Academy, Impaxly

Digital Marketing Package for Exporters to Canada. 

 We have a robust offering to help you at whichever stage you’re at.

  1. Market Entry Package
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Channel Assessment
  • Social Media Setup (2 Platforms)
  • Basic SEO for Website
  1. Brand Visibility Package
  • Intermediate SEO & SEM Campaigns
  • Social Media Management (3 Platforms)
  • Content Marketing & Blogging
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Display Advertising Campaigns
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  1. Market Expansion Package
  • Advanced SEO & SEM
  • Social Media Management (4+ Platforms)
  • Influencer Partnership Development
  • Advanced Content Strategy (including video and infographics)
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Market Trend Analysis
  1. Market Leadership Package
  • Comprehensive SEO & SEM
  • Full-Spectrum Social Media Management
  • Thought Leadership Content Creation
  • Webinar and Virtual Event Hosting
  • Strategic Partnerships with Local Businesses
  • CRM and Lead Nurturing Systems