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Virtual Coffee with Lynn

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Got a burning question? Bamboozled by your systems? Need a bit of guidance on your strategy?

No matter your role or stage in your business journey, questions about digital marketing, websites, social media, ads, hosting, and emails are bound to arise. For answers and insights, grab a virtual coffee with me, Lynn Colepaugh of Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.! Sit back, grab your favourite brew, and ask those burning questions and we’ll chat one-on-one about all things digital, providing you with clarity and direction to navigate the digital landscape confidently. Secure your spot for a personalized, enlightening virtual coffee chat and let’s demystify the digital world together!

  • “Why are my emails always going to spam…?”
  • “Do I really need to post every day…?”
  • “What type of website would you recommend for my business…?”
  • “Is CRM really worth it…?”

Whatever’s on your mind, grab a slot, bring a hot drink, and let’s chat!

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