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Small business owners, we hear you! You’re wearing too many hats, but need marketing and a brand presence that converts, stat! We’ve taken some of our best-loved services and packaged them into a digital marketing toolkit that will deliver you the information, assets and support you need to make an impact with your business.

What’s Included in the Digital Marketing Accelerator?

Consultation x 3 hours

Use this time as 3 x 60-minute sessions or 6 x 30-minute sessions. Your consultation time will take place with our Founder and Chief Marketer, Lynn Colepaugh, who will help you explore your digital marketing goals and solidify your strategy. Whether you are completely new to marketing or experienced, Lynn’s expertise will be tailored to give you the information you need to feel confident and in control of your marketing.


• We offer an objective perspective and specialized expertise in online marketing.
• We can help create a comprehensive strategy tailored to specific goals and target audiences.
• Performance analysis helps measure the effectiveness of campaigns and maximize ROI. We can help you understand your analytics and stats.
• Engaging Cyber PR Army is cost-effective and allows business owners to focus on core competencies.


Custom consultations based on your needs and strategic advice to overcome your hurdles and understand current opportunities and trends in the market.


Our in-house Designer will create a bespoke moodboard, a foundational piece for creating content that is consistent and professional. This will bring together your fonts, colours and general feel into a usable source document (optional supplement: logo design or redesign).


• Companies can use moodboards and brand guidelines to create a cohesive and consistent visual identity across different design materials, platforms, and touchpoints.
• By adhering to these guidelines, customers can easily recognize and connect with the brand.
• The resources also serve as communication tools, aiding collaboration between stakeholders in the design process.
• Moodboards and brand guidelines help define a unique visual language for the brand to stand out from the competition.
• The tools allow businesses to scale and adapt their visual identity across diverse applications, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.


A defined design outline and guideline can be used internally (for Canva designs) or sent externally to a print shop/design firm/booth maker / etc., to keep your image consistent and on brand.

Online Presence Review

Our SEO and UX specialist will audit your current online presence, reviewing your website and social media profiles to provide you with a detailed roadmap of potential improvements. This includes an in-depth SEO analysis with simple instructions to make serious changes.  


• Engaging SEO and UX specialists can provide several benefits, such as improved search engine visibility, enhanced user experience, targeted audience engagement, optimization for mobile devices, increased conversion rates, and staying up-to-date with industry best practices.
• An SEO specialist can offer information on how to optimize website structure, content & keywords to improve rankings & organic traffic.
• A UX specialist evaluates website design & layout to improve navigation & usability.
• Mobile optimization is essential for user experience & search engine rankings.
• Specialists stay updated with algorithm changes, trends and expectations to keep their online presence competitive.

• Website and social media reviewed for SEO and UX – General Comments/Experience
• Aesthetics Review (Frequent notes include misaligned content, colour schemes, image sizing and text vs visual content.)
• User Experience (Frequent notes include the amount of scrolling, menu layout, ease of customer journey, broken elements and additional content to include to add value and authority)• SEO Review – Offsite, backlinks, on-site, technical (e.g. sitemap, SSL, word count warnings, duplicate tags, pages blocked, missing H1 Headers, no meta descriptions on the page, duplicate page descriptions, title tags too long/short, poorly formatted URL for SEO, URLs too long, pages with long load time, compression status, broken links, 4xx errors, no doctype declared, the loading speed for desktop and mobile, etc.)

SEO Ready Code image of Google search engine

Sell Sheet

A professionally designed sell sheet can be a gamechanger (or a dealmaker!). Whether you want to showcase your business as a whole or concentrate on a specific product or service, we’ll work with you to craft copy and aesthetics that make you look established and authoritative.


• A professionally designed sell sheet or product sheet is an effective communication tool, providing a concise overview of the product or service and its key features.
• It ensures consistency with brand identity and reinforces a positive impression in the target audience’s minds.
• It serves as a support tool for sales and marketing efforts by articulating the features and benefits of the offering more effectively.
• It organizes information in an easily digestible manner, making it convenient to quickly understand without sifting through extensive documents.
• It provides a competitive advantage by enabling the presentation of the product in a visually appealing manner that stands out from competitors.
• Its versatility ensures consistent marketing materials across different channels and formats.


A one-two page print-ready sell sheet complete with your branding, company and sell info (case size, shipping, currencies, etc)  and graphics

Design & Content display of colour palettes on pieces of paper and a laptop

12 x evergreen Social Media Posts (design + copy)

Whether you need an initial batch of evergreen content or something specific for an ongoing campaign, we will create 12 timeless social media posts, complete with copy that you can use as is or tweak as your business evolves.


• Consistent content and long-term value are provided by evergreen social media posts
• Audience education, improved SEO, and time/resource efficiency
• Brand consistency and ongoing audience engagement
• Evergreen content creates a foundation of valuable, reusable content that benefits the brand and engages the audience over an extended period


12 Custom branded evergreen social media posts that you can use throughout the year.

10 x product/service photos

Let our expert photographer capture the essence of your business with up to ten stunning product or service-based photos. You’ll receive versatile images that can be used in print, social media, promotional materials, tradeshows, and more. Showcase the best of your business with our exceptional photography services.


• High-quality photos of products and services are important for marketing, brand image, and e-commerce.
• They effectively showcase the product features and benefits, creating a positive brand perception.
• Clear and detailed images can significantly impact consumers’ purchasing decisions and improve user experience on websites.
• Eye-catching visuals are more likely to be shared on social media, increasing brand visibility and reach.
• Product photos are also necessary for print materials such as brochures, catalogues, flyers, and magazines.


(up to) 10 high-quality photos

Access to Digital Marketing Training through Cyber PR Army Academy

7 Individual Lessons covering the understanding of digital marketing and the strategy behind them. Use in conjunction with your consultation sessions to gain clarity and focus for your digital marketing.


• A digital marketing course enables employees to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital landscape effectively.
• Investing in employee training ensures teams are updated with the latest strategies, tools, and best practices, improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns.
• Developing in-house capabilities through a digital marketing course allows for cost efficiency and better control over marketing activities.
• It also provides insights that can help inform strategic decision-making within the company, facilitate collaboration amongst different departments, and ensure agility in adapting to changing trends.
• By investing in employee training, companies are empowered to drive business growth in the digital age.


• 7+ Individual Lessons covering the understanding of digital marketing and the strategy
• Topic-Based Videos
• Homework to broaden your understanding
• External resources
• A plan tailored to your specific needs whether you are looking to find, nurture, or amplify your business’ voice
• Bonus Section

Who is the Digital Marketing Accelerator for?

We want to empower small business owners everywhere with our supercharged package of assets and training. This will give you everything you need if…

  • You’re just starting out and staring at a blank page…
  • You’re trying to learn how to market your business, but are finding it overwhelming…
  • You know what you’re doing, but you’re struggling to keep up…
  • You’re stuck in a rut and want your assets to excite and inspire you and your community…

What our Clients Say

``I can’t thank you enough for the social media posts and everything else. I feel professional for once.”

Beth Robichaud
Atlantic Event Décor

“I loved working with Lynn, she helped me grow my business in no time. She personalized our meetings to my needs and helped me find solutions to getting more clients. Lynn is also approachable and easy to work with. Her online training course is also helpful to bring additional information and knowledge, so that the one-on-one meetings can focus more on personalizing my own business. I would work with Lynn anytime. “

Natalie Cormier