Have an existing website and/or social media channels but are tired of not seeing the results you need?

Your online presence is often the first thing your customer sees. How visible you are and how clear your messaging is can make or break a business’ growth potential.

Once you have your review, you have two options:

  • Work through the suggestions in-house or through an alternative agency
  • Hire us to work through the suggestions (your Online Presence Review will be deducted from your bill!)

What’s included?

Our Online Presence Review gives you a comprehensive list of recommendations in the following areas:

How you’ll receive your Online Presence Review

Your Online Presence Review will usually take 1 week to complete. You will receive it in a PDF format that will break down our recommendations into the areas listed above. It will be written in plain English so you don’t need to worry if you aren’t comfortable with tech lingo.

N.B. There is no obligation to hire us or use all of our suggestions. However, for maximum changes to your visibility, using most of our suggestions is advised.

What our clients say about the Online Presence Review

“This is great! I really appreciate you taking the time to review where the holes are.  The social media ideas are fantastic, but I really struggle with the time, and sometimes the inspiration to pull some of these extra-curricular ideas off.  HELP PLEASE!” – Matt Smallwood, Flying Colours