The jobs market has never been more competitive for candidates and employers on a worldwide scale. Jobseekers have the opportunity to search online, quickly and with ease. They have access to more roles than ever before with many now not location dependent. You are competing with a truly global marketplace and yet, we know you want the best.

Our jobseekers are now savvy on ethical and emotional issues too. They are looking for equality, transparency and sustainability. On top of this, work-life balance and a good, healthy workplace culture are now top concerns for potential and existing employees.

So… what can you do about it?


  • Develop a workplace culture that attracts, fosters, and retains talent
  • Offer more balanced lifestyles and benefits that make your business attractive to job seekers


  • Create cohesive branding that promotes your business as a professional and established
  • Ensure your business’s ethos and personality comes through in your content
  • Create a structured and engaging way to tell your business’s story in a way that engages your audience and attracts the employees you want for your business

What is Employer Branding?

At its core, employer branding is about marketing your business to potential and current employees in a way that is true to your brand and engaging to others. It is a strategy that seeks to influence how employees and prospective employees see your business. This is a separate branding strategy to the one you use to target customers. Its purpose is to attract top tier talent and retain high-performing employees, breaking the loop of hiring, training, and rehiring.

What is included in our Employer Branding package?

Every one of our packages involves us taking the time to understand your needs, your current position, and where you want to be. There may be set timeframes or budgets involved – everything is tailorable to your needs.

  • Consultation on your existing branding, culture and values
  • Exploration and cementing of goals
  • Creation of candidate persona(s)
  • Creation of an Employee Value Proposition to showcase your offering
  • Design and creation of evergreen web content to reflect the value proposition, including staff testimonials
  • Additional videos, blog posts, photos, and slideshows as appropriate to tell your company story
  • Copywriting to help your job description stand out to the right applicants
  • Design and creation of marketing assets to promote the roles you are looking to fill
  • Design and creation of marketing assets to promote the workplace culture (great as part of your ongoing digital marketing strategy)
  • Consultation on ways to engage your existing staff with your online presence
  • Creation of email template to welcome applicants to learn more about your business (optional but recommended)

A Classic Example of World-class Employer Branding in Video Format

We didn’t make this, but we wish we had!

Ready to Attract & Retain Top-tier Employees?

Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. works with you to identify your needs and create the results you want. We offer rigorous analytics and you can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you would like to be. If you’re ready to create employer branding to help you stand out from the crowd, let’s get started!