Event Marketing

Putting on any event is a major undertaking, whether it is a conference, festival, webinar or concert. Events typically take months of planning and a full team dedicated to its success. If you don’t have a solid marketing plan in place, even a perfectly executed event can fall flat. Business owner’s number one fear is low attendance, and we can help you fix that.

At Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc., we specialize in effective event promotion and event marketing strategy. We work with entertainment and corporate brands to create and deploy event marketing strategies that will attract attention from the right audiences and help them to convert into eager attendees. We use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels with proven strategies to make people aware and excited for your event.

Our Event Planning Process

Goal Setting

We begin every event promotion journey with a goal-setting session with you and your team. The key to making an event a success for you is understanding what you want to achieve. We want to ensure we target the right audience for the right reasons in order for you to achieve your goals.

This doesn’t just get people through the door – it will ensure that your event is highly enjoyed by those who attend.

Whether your event is a one-off, part of a series, or an annual endeavour, setting well-defined goals will ensure it is marketed successfully.


A failure to plan is a plan to fail. Even with our extensive experience and portfolio of successful events, we still insist on through and methodical planning for every event that we promote.

Every event is unique so we will work with your team to gather the resources we need, identify opportunities, and develop an overall event marketing strategy that is optimized to bring your ideal audience to your event.


Event marketing is similar to marketing any other aspect of your brand – it requires a strategic approach, dedicated execution, and constant measurement. As we execute your event’s marketing strategy, we will measure the results, dedicate necessary resources and benchmark our success so you have a clear ROI. If our strategy needs to pivot at any point, we will discuss why and how with your team to keep you in the loop.

Here are just a few ways we’ve successfully promoted events in the past:

Event Websites and landing pages

Ticket purchase, registration, lead capture, ad landing pages, analytics for sponsor

Online Ads

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Google Ads, Bing Ads


Keywords, optimized pages, social proof, SEO audits, backlinks, content marketing

Strategic partnership

Local trade groups, influencers, institutions and companies

Asset Development and deployment

Graphic ,video, audio, text


Strategic year planning, pre-event activities, post-event completion, coordination of team
<sponsors, entertainment, speakers, décor, setup, venue, food)organization and timelines

Depending on the nature of your event, we will leverage some or all of these channels along with other options, to make sure your event’s attendance levels exceed your expectations.


Our event marketing packages are among the most cost-effective and all-inclusive among qualified agencies. We understand that every event is different and budgets come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we offer packages tailored specifically to you that may include any of the following elements:

  • Complete event marketing strategy
  • Digital event marketing
  • Asset creation (physical and digital assets)
  • Event marketing through local partnerships and media outlets
  • Event web page as part of your existing site or as a standalone domain
  • Event advertising through Pay-Per-Click methods
  • Social media profile clean-up and review (or setup if required)
  • Event social media campaigns and promotions
  • Account setup and maintenance for event registration including payment portal integration
  • CRM management and reporting including post-event statistics and feedback
  • QR code campaigns
  • Attendee pre and post-event assets (physical and digital)
  • Anything else you feel will help make your event the success it deserves to be!

Event Experience

Our strength in event marketing comes from our background of experience working in this field and digital marketing in general. Some of the previous events we have managed and/or marketed include:

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