Welcome to our affiliate page!

If you are here, chances are we have worked with you, supporting your business’ digital marketing needs. We love a fresh challenge and believe that anyone can benefit from a sound digital marketing strategy.

How it works

Once you have registered as an affiliate, if anyone you refer becomes a paid client, in any capacity, you will receive a referral fee of $200 or 10% if their spend is less than $2,000 + HST.

This amount can be paid out to your business or deducted from your next invoice as a credit.

N.B. Rates may change at the discretion of Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. . These amounts are correct as of 22nd July, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register as an affiliate?


No, you can let us know at the time of referral or get the referred party to mention your name but registering will speed things up.

Does this work retroactively?


Unfortunately, we are unable to issue referral fees for retroactive referral fees unless this was mentioned at the time.

Is there any limit to referral fees?


Nope, so feel free to spread the word!

What services can I earn referral fees on?


Absolutely anything Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. offers. This could be anything from social media coaching to our online course to a website makeover to a Google Ads campaign.

What doesn’t qualify for a referral fee?


Referrals to additional businesses that you are the primary stakeholder in will not qualify for the referral fee scheme, although we are always happy to discuss additional projects at a competitive rate for existing clients.

Anything else I need to know?


Yes. As the referrer, you are solely responsible for seeking income tax advice and reporting the income on your taxes as appropriate.


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