Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. is a leading digital marketing agency
offering strategically integrated services. They proactively combine
digital assets to enhance their client's online presence and impact.
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Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. is a 360-degree (end-to-end) provider of digital marketing services. Whether you’re looking for a managed strategy, an independent audit, or services specific to a short-term campaign, our experience and approach will prove to be a valuable asset.

At Cyber PR Army Solutions, we use our experience in the industry (15+ years) and varied skill sets to create marketing strategies that deliver effective, growth-driven results for your business. We offer a wide array of services including web design, social media management, PPC advertising, SEO, and branding packages. We offer this wide range of options because we believe in the synergy of digital marketing strands. No one piece of the puzzle will optimize your growth, but each business has a balance of elements that, when implemented correctly, will help them reach that next stage in their growth journey. We love to work with our clients to create unique solutions just for them, fitting the marketing puzzle pieces together for optimum results.

Whether you have been managing your digital marketing up to now or perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin, we will address your needs and optimize solutions for you.

We look forward to supporting your business.


Business of the Year award by the Albert County Chamber of Commerce (May 2022)

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Meet Our Amazing Team



Founder of Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. and Commander-in-chief

Lynn describes herself as a “social media geek, small business strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and planner”. Lynn is passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and loves to play bass guitar and spend time with her family.



Client Services Manager

Zoey keeps us all organized and on track. She has exceptional organizational skills and is also an accomplished writer and our SEO expert. In her spare time, she is an IFBB competitor, lifelong learner, and loves spending time with her son and husband.

Vatsala Agarwal

Vatsala Agarwal

Webmaster and Website Developer

Vatsala has a passion for web design and marries it with more than 11 years of experience to create beautiful sites. She loves taking on new challenges, learning new things and finding simple solutions for complex problems. She loves to travel and is a keen photographer.



Senior Graphic Designer

Danica creates logos, images, brochures and anything else you need with ease. She has a knack for reading between the lines and produces work that exceeds expectations time after time. She spends her free time painting in watercolour and acrylic, loves art history, true crime, and dabbles in a bit of music.



Junior Web Developer

Aymen is focused on front-end design. Her creative solutions bring web content to life. She is also studying for a diploma in IT Software Development. She loves to travel the world, especially Europe, and enjoys spending time with her family and discovering new TV shows.

Our awards and accreditations

As Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.

As Malkin Music

  • Music Business of the Year nominee – MNB (2016)
  • Music Industry Professional of the Year nominee – ECMA (2016)
  • Manager of the Year nominee – ECMA (2015)
  • Artist Manager of the Year nominee – ECMA (2015)
  • Music Merchant of the Year nominee – ECMA (2014)
  • Lynn Daigle – Music Industry Professional / Professionnel de l’industrie de la musique – MNB (2013)
  • Music Business / Entreprise de l’industrie de la musique for Malkin Music – MNB (2013)
  • Music Merchant of the Year nominee – ECMA (2013)
  • Music Business of the Year winner – MNB (2012)