Whether you are a new business owner trying to build momentum or an established business that has reached a chokepoint, our small business growth strategy consultancy service will help you plan and scale your business with ease.

Half of the battle is knowing where you want to scale to. Getting a clear perspective on what’s working and not working right now, who your audience is, and many other elements can help you pinpoint which services and products are likely to be in your business’ future.

The other side of the coin is building your business systems and people so you can grow your business without breaking a weak link in the chain. From automation to digital adoption, tech tools can be the difference-maker once you know what is possible, how to integrate it with your existing tools, and how to manage it effectively in-house or through an external service. Then there’s staff and management to consider. How do they feel about your current systems? What support will they need as you grow? Are they run ragged already? Where would they like to see the business end up?

Once you have a strategy in place, we will support you to make it happen.

  • Action plan and project management
  • Funding and grants
  • Key metrics and reporting

Who can help me with my growth strategy?

Our principal Small Business Growth Strategist is our Founder, Lynn Colepaugh. She has worked with dozens of businesses across all sectors as both a digital marketer and an accomplished consultant and mentor.

She is supported by Zoey Hughes, our Client Services Manager, who is also a qualified Business Mentor and experienced strategist, particularly in the fields of B2B services and Nutrition & Health.

What will my Growth Strategy process look like?

We work with you to support your needs. For some clients, this means weekly meetings with lightning-fast actions on both sides. For others, they prefer to take it slow, consider the options and assess the results. Whether you want to ramp up fast or develop your business over the next 12 months, we will provide you with what you need to make confident decisions and grow your small business.