Can seasonal social media posts help your business? (3 reasons to dive in!)

Seasonal social media posts can be a valuable tool for businesses for a number of reasons. They can be “set it and forget it” material once you have graphics you love, and they are a great way to boost engagement with your followers. We’re sharing what they are and some great reasons to leverage them for your small business.

Seasonal social posts involve creating content around a particular theme or season, such as holidays, special events, or times of the year. You are likely doing some of these naturally, such as Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving. Depending on your business, you may also be leaning into Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Halloween. But there are many more micro-holidays you could be making use of too.

What is a micro-holiday?

We love a good micro-holiday! Think of them as awareness days, such as Earth Day, anti-bullying week, simplicity day etc. Some of these will be directly related to your business. At Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc., we post on social media day, design day, podcast day and more. Some of our clients use health-based awareness days, environmental awareness days, or food-related micro-holidays.

It’s also fun to use micro-holidays to share your values and what you enjoy. For example, we have posted on Simplicity Day, Cliché Day, Employee Appreciation Day, and International Coffee Day!

Let’s dive into why you might want to start incorporating seasonal content into your social media strategy!

1. Increase Engagement through Seasonal Social Media

By sharing posts that relate to the current season or holiday, your business can connect with your audience in a human way. People are often in a celebratory mood during the holiday season and may be more likely to engage with posts that reflect this. If you share a micro-holiday, your followers will see what matters to you or get a timely reminder of something you offer. Embrace these lesser-known days as a fun and less salesy way to share with your audience.

2. Increase Brand Awareness through Seasonal Social Media

Your seasonal social posts can really help your business stand out because they offer a unique perspective on a particular holiday or time of year. If you deviate from cookie-cutter designs and messaging, you can make your posts more memorable or unique, stopping the social media scrolling in its tracks. You aren’t just increasing your brand awareness; you also add a dash of personality to a hallmark holiday.

3. Increase Sales through Seasonal Social Media

Embracing those micro-holidays works for raising awareness, but you can also add subtle elements that trigger sales to any holiday post. You can use seasonal posts to promote products or services that are relevant to a particular season or holiday. For example, if you sell a range of beverages, summer micro-holidays could include one of your products in a tall glass with ice prompting your audience to subconsciously think of it as a refreshing seasonal option. If you are a clothing retailer, you may want to promote your winter collection by including gloves and scarves in your post, reminding people that you sell these particular products.

Seasonal Socials Work!

Seasonal social media posts can help businesses generate buzz, drive engagement, and increase sales by leveraging the power of current events and trends. And the best bit? You can often reuse the designs year after year. Your audience will only see the post once a year, so they won’t get bored with them. But please read and tweak the accompanying text each year so you don’t put out irrelevant wording.

Next Steps

Now you’ve seen the reasons behind seasonal socials, you know how important they are, but you may dread creating them. 

Don’t worry; we have you covered! Check out our Seasonal Social Starter Pack for a quick and easy way to engage your audience through seasonal socials.

If you’re not sure if it’s for you or if you’d like to talk about anything related to digital marketing, we’d love to hear from you!

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