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Social media coaching or marketing outsourcing?

Every small business will see tangible benefits to its growth and audience reach through digital marketing. But, for many business owners, it can be tricky to decide whether they should hire a professional or go for a DIY approach.

Social media coaching can get your team up to speed and give them the required skills to do things in-house. Or you can outsource your digital marketing to a dedicated firm. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each approach to help you decide on the right fit for you.


Let’s get this out into the open straight away. Digital marketing costs may appear lower through an in-house method, but you will need to pay for the staff hours and software. Variables such as these make it less clear which is the most economical approach.

Social media coaching

  • Initial costs for training
  • Staff time for digital marketing activities (this will likely start high and then drop as they become more familiar with the processes)
  • Subscriptions to any apps or tools required to meet your digital marketing needs


  • Low initial cost but likely an ongoing monthly plan for a set fee
  • No subscriptions or staff time as it will be covered by your package


Nothing ever stagnates, and that includes businesses. You may create new products, reach new audiences, move entirely online, offer a bespoke service etc. Some of these changes are easily implemented; others may take a bit more planning.

Social media coaching

  • Specific training for your needs means you can return for updated assistance.
  • Your staff’s current level of digital marketing comfort may be insufficient to implement the changes you need straight away.


  • A digital marketing team such as ours has wide-ranging skills so will be able to implement your changes rapidly.
  • An over-arching digital marketing plan will encompass these changes and more to make sure things work synergistically.

Reaction speed

One of the dominant factors in the coaching vs outsourcing decision is the speed of delivery, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many variables can affect the turnaround time (such as previous work created, familiarity with the brand) but, here’s a rough guide for which method will be quicker in some common circumstances.




Minor text edit such as a date change


Optimized text creation


Graphic creation


Graphic minor edits such as recolouring


Template creation for a series of posts


Minor website edits such as additions to a calendar


New website pages or features


It’s worth noting that PPC advertising can go either way, but it is definitely a combination of art and skill so you will likely get a much better ROI going with a professional.

SEO-friendly blogs will be quicker to outsource and will also have a greatly increased effect when written by a seasoned SEO writer.

Social media coaching vs outsourcing your digital marketing

Investing in your staff’s development can be a productive step forward for your business and lead to better staff retention. However, if your staff aren’t particularly tech-inclined or you have a high staff turnover, you may be better with the consistency of an external digital marketing team.

Really, it comes down to what you hope to accomplish.

The bottom line

The monthly costs of a dedicated digital marketing team aren’t for everyone. When your staff have the time, confidence, and inclination to do things in-house they can manage the day-to-day just fine. However, digital marketing strategies usually contain many aspects that stack to maximize results.

Social media alone is a great start to expand your reach but is greatly enhanced by SEO-friendly blogs, optimized websites, and PPC advertising. Your team can learn all of these skills through coaching and strategy sessions, but you can also mix and match. Many businesses like to keep social media posts in-house, particularly if the initial profile optimization has been completed externally. This keeps costs low, gives more flexibility and allows a digital marketing team to focus on website assets, copywriting, and PPC advertising to further expand visibility, as these are areas that often have a steeper learning curve.

Need a hand?

Whether you are looking to coach your team, create a digital marketing strategy, or outsource some or all of the aspects of your digital marketing, we are happy to help. We have strategy and social media coaching packages to cover your business’ unique needs and we offer 360° degree digital marketing and strategy services. Get in touch with the team today and let’s start building a strategy for your unique situation.

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