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4 ways to improve digital marketing results

4 ways to improve digital marketing results

As a small business owner, you don’t have time for maybes. And you certainly don’t want to be pouring time and money into something that just is working. Digital marketing has become an essential piece of the puzzle for brand awareness, nurturing existing customers, and reaching new ones. Here’s how to supercharge your results without supercharging your efforts.

Whatever stage your business is at, digital marketing can help. If you’re new, digital marketing will help your business be discovered. If you’re established, it will help you grow. The pandemic showed us how crucial an online presence is for modern business, so we want you to be confident that you are taking the right steps.

  1. Find your roadblock and remove it

Every small business owner has something that initially holds them back from implementing a solid, consistent digital marketing strategy.

  • If it’s a lack of knowledge, take the time to grow your confidence through online learning or 1-on-1 training.
  • If it’s a lack of funding, ask yourself if you can afford NOT to be using digital marketing. There are usually funding initiatives available, giving small business owners a cash injection to help you develop your website, get digital marketing campaigns running, and have a strategy moving forward. The Canada Digital Adoption Program has just opened at the time of writing. We are approved vendors if you need a hand.
  • If it’s a lack of time, consider a digital marketing agency. Not only does it mean you can work on other aspects of your business, but it also means that each hour invested is spent wisely by a professional with knowledge and skills you may not have. An hour completed by a digital marketing agency can easily be the equivalent of 2, 3 or more hours completed by you.


  1. Learn from experience

Digital marketing is a blend of science and art. Yes, you absolutely need to read the data, but you also need to stay abreast of industry trends, local trends, and nationwide trends and combine these with experience. What has worked in the past? Can you figure out why? Why isn’t it working now? If you’re not comfortable or confident answering these questions, partnering with a digital marketing agency will give you the benefit of their experience combined with your industry knowledge.

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  1. Get the right tools for the job

If you’re serious about your digital marketing, you need to invest in the right tools. These tools could be an SEO analysis tool, a keyword generator, or a social media queuing app… They may feel like an investment, but the time you spend completing tasks will drop dramatically, making them terrific value. If you don’t want to invest in the technology, this is another reason digital marketing partners can be effective. We use a variety of tools to produce results efficiently and effectively.


  1. Remember that digital marketing is a long game

Yes, you can get some short-term wins (hello, online advertising!), but the effects of digital marketing are rarely a quick, easily quantifiable win. Brand awareness builds over time, as do customer relationships. Consistent, high-quality marketing will gradually increase your brand’s reputation and reach, building month on month, year after year. Just because something doesn’t appear to have immediate traction doesn’t mean it won’t tangibly affect your business.


Need a hand?

We know that every business owner has different ideas of how digital marketing looks for them. If you, or a staff member, are looking to upskill, we offer training, coaching, and online course options to suit any budget. If you are reading this article because you know you’re not where you want to be, we can also help you with any or all aspects of your digital marketing. Whatever you need, click this link, and let us know how we can help you.

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