Common Social Media Mistakes and How we can Fix Them

There are few businesses left who don’t have some variety of social media presence, but if you are using it ineffectively you can find yourself lost in a rabbit hole that costs you valuable time and gives you little return. If you are mishandling it you can even be less appealing or professional to your customers, which rather undermines the reasons you created your page to begin with. 

As each new social media platform is created, do you jump right on the bandwagon? Maybe you’re the opposite and refuse to move away from your tried and tested territory. Whichever camp sounds nearest to your position, there is a better way.  

Know your business 

Every business is unique. You cannot do things “because everyone else does” and automatically expect to have the best result. The business or businesses you are emulating likely have little in common with yours. 

We know your business is not just another *insert service or product here*. It has personality, faces behind it and a specific audience that knows it well! We can use your existing clientele to get to the root of who your potential customers are, then we target the platforms that those people will populate.  

All is not best 

Throwing all your eggs in one basket is rarely the best way with social media; using two or more social media platforms simultaneously is often the best way to raise awareness of your brand and maximise your exposure to the people who would love to find you. Too often business owners can attempt to launch their business’ social media presence on every available platform but be warned, an out of date or rarely updated page can make you look less in tune with your audience, who may even wonder if you are still in business.  

We’ll strategize the best platforms for your business and create a plan on how they should be used. Using our toolbox of tricks and apps we can ensure content is curated and scheduled to go out on multiple channels simultaneously while optimising the content for each platform.  

Don’t be a haphazard poster 

Many business owners are unsure of what to post. Where is the line between product placement and spam? How do you show personality without losing your professionalism? No one wants to see endless coffee mugs (even if your business is selling coffee mugs!) and there is no point in being everyone’s friend if it doesn’t get your product out there. 

There is a method to our madness. We use tried and tested methods to build up a rapport with your brand, get your products to those who need them and add value that will have your audience engaged and coming back again and again.  

Ready to grow with us? 

It’s easy to start social media pages from scratch, but we offer a far more comprehensive service. Whether you are looking to create new pages and profiles or looking to give your existing pages a facelift, we’ve got you covered.  

We’ll monitor how our efforts impact your results and amend your post schedule and content as we go. It’s a learning process even for seasoned pros as, to harken back to the beginning of the blog, every business is different.  

No one can promise results from social media (if they do, be suspicious!) but we can promise our team will create something you can be proud of. We will create profiles that are truly representative of your business and that reflect who you are as individuals and as a unit. Your engagement will go up and your social media will have a clearly defined purpose.  

Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.. Let us help you understand where you want to be and how to get there. 

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