Marketing Copy Mistakes And How to Fix Them

4 marketing copy mistakes and how to fix them!

Are you investing time writing marketing copy for your business and not seeing the results? Converting customers from your text can be a tricky business. Today, we’re highlighting a few common errors and helping you tweak your efforts to get results.

Any time you write a blog, social media post, or website content, it is marketing copy. Marketing copy helps inform people, make them aware of your business, and hopefully, turn them into happy customers. If you’re not a marketing professional, there are a few things that you might be overlooking that can dramatically affect the number of conversions to paid customers.

Mistake #1 – Assuming the audience trusts you

In an age of pop-up businesses and false personas, consumers are increasing wary of online shopping. Your existing customers know you are the real deal but don’t assume anyone new feels the same way. People need to create genuine connections before they feel close to a brand, but, once they do so, they can be fiercely loyal. Make sure you build trust consistently through transparency, sharing things of value, and peppering in genuine social proof (i.e., testimonials).

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Mistake #2 – Using language they don’t understand

You want to sound impressive to your audience but try to avoid OTT writing. Knowing your audience is key to success here. If they work in the same industry, you should absolutely use the jargon to show your awareness, but if they don’t, skip it! And tailor your word choice too. Don’t break out the thesaurus just to sound fancy; use words your audience would use in their own conversations. Figure out their level of knowledge and meet them at that point to nurture them over time.

Mistake #3 – Not showing them how you can help

Your business sells something awesome, but is anyone buying? Maybe, you are missing a simple trick – letting them know how it helps! If your marketing copy only concentrates on the features of your product or service, it may be lost in translation with your audience. Instead, focus on the problem and how your product or service helps. Let’s look at an example with an everyday item. “Buy my spoon; it’s shiny, durable and made of metal!” Why do people want it? Do they need a spoon? What is their issue, and how are you going to transform it? “Tired of soup falling through your fork? This spoon will make that a thing of the past, turning soup-eating into a joy.” Concentrate on how you can help, not your latest features. We refer to this as the “why” of your product and it is a fundamental piece of the marketing puzzle.

Mistake #4 – Not asking people to buy!

This may sound ridiculous but ask yourself, are you asking people to buy? Small business owners are often afraid of coming across as too pushy and are apologetic when they ask for sales. But, here’s the thing: people are waiting for you to tell them the next step! Yes, they can ignore the call-to-action (CTA), but they expect to see it. And, when they are looking to buy, they welcome it! Every time you write a social media post, a blog, or any other marketing copy, end on a single CTA. Note that I said single CTA. If you ask people to do five different things, they aren’t all getting done, and the most likely scenario is that none of them will be done. Choose one aim and ask people to do it. Some examples are: click a link, book a call, download a PDF, order this product, sign up for the newsletter etc. Whatever it is, make it clear and aligned with your goals.

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Writing not your thing?

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