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Why a one-stop-shop works best for digital marketing

Why should you choose a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs? We’ve been told for years that niching is best, so surely, it would be better to find experts for each element and put them together; digital marketing doesn’t work that way. A cohesive strategy is key to your success.

In the age of freelancers and casual contracts, gone are the days of small businesses hiring someone to deal with their digital marketing. The temptation is there to find individuals to deal with each element, letting them work on their specialism, but it’s likely to lead to a disjointed strategy in a definite case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Marketing is not A to B

Digital marketing is a complex beast. Any single strand can affect your business’s growth potential, but the magic really happens as you stack different elements. Your website, social media posts, PPC ads, articles and branding elements should complement each other and work synergistically. If one company is reworking your logo, another writing your articles, and a third posting on social media, you won’t end up with a cohesive strategy as one marketer’s interpretation of your brand’s voice will differ from another’s.

The Beauty of Brand Guides

We are firm advocates of a brand guide or moodboard, a document that collects the colours, fonts, imagery and words that sum up your business. It’s a great reference document for those familiar with your business and a great starting point for those who aren’t. But the nuance can’t be communicated effectively in this document or any other.

When we start to work on a project, our Designer spends time familiarizing herself with previous assets and brand guides, our copywriter spends time reading your existing content, and our Chief Marketer spends time analyzing your previous campaigns and how they have fared. In our digital marketing agency, each person has clear specializations, but we also have a strong team dynamic, enabling us to share our goals and expectations to create something truly special for your business. Because we can see all the moving parts simultaneously, we can work on the bigger picture while also navigating those finer details. This is how we create a digital marketing strategy that really works. We’re not just a content writing agency or an SEO copywriter — we offer a complete package.

When to Niche

If you are an accomplished marketer yourself, you may be able to work effectively from the initial branding work of someone unique to your field. We often complete work like this for new businesses on a budget – a moodboard and initial website that they can continue to work on themselves on a budget. If you are just lacking inspiration for your logo design, for example, it makes sense that you would want to hire someone specifically for that task.

Marketing is a demanding discipline, however. When one piece is changed, you will likely become dissatisfied with others. For example, you might get a new logo designed, which prompts you to adjust the colour scheme on your website, at which point the copy just doesn’t quite read right, and then your social media profiles aren’t cohesive with your brand.

Cohesive and Enduring Marketing

It may be that you love marketing your business and like to refresh your brand and evolve it internally, but for most business owners, even if they would like this to be the case, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do so.

When you choose to work with a digital marketing agency, you aren’t going to piecemeal your digital marketing strategy. Your consultation through to implementation is going to be through a single contact. Your social media campaigns will highlight the themes in your blog, your website and social media aesthetics will move in step with each other, and crucially, your website voice will match that going out on social media. When all the pieces of the digital marketing puzzle can stack synergistically, your ROI becomes a lot more enticing. You can make use of the experience of specialists while keeping your brand’s voice and aesthetics exactly how you want them.

Ready to try a Digital Marketing Agency?

At Cyber PR Army, we have specialists in web design, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, PPC ad campaigns, and so much more. When you have a consultation, we’ll work with you to plan which elements work best for your business and create a cohesive strategy that works with your timeline and budget. You’ll see the effect of collaborative efforts as we pool our skills to make some digital marketing magic happen for your business.

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