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How to have a successful product launch

You’ve produced a fantastic product, you’ve perfected every detail, you prepare for the big launch… and nothing happens. If you are wondering how to have a successful product launch, it takes some careful marketing steps, laid out at the right time.

The best product or service in the world has no real-world value if you can’t sell it. It may be a game-changing, life-transforming miracle, but if your customers aren’t biting, you have a problem. The problem may be your product; maybe it’s a bad time, the wrong economic climate etc. But it is far more likely your genius idea just didn’t have the marketing to match. Here’s our guide to what you should do before, during and after for a successful product launch.

Before the product launch

When you were creating your new product, you will have ascertained what the benefit is for your customers. Does it save them time? Does it save them money? Is it just a better way? Whatever that reasoning was that shaped the product’s development, it is now part of your marketing hook.

Step one of your successful marketing launch is the tease. Depending on your product, this might start a week before or a month before. A good tease often ramps up in stages:

  • There’s something coming
  • Something is coming soon
  • We’ll be announcing on X
  • X days/hours till the big announcement
  • It’s here!

During the product launch

It goes without saying that having prepped the audience for something big, you now need to deliver. This isn’t a one and done post but a hybrid of post types that trickle out over your launch window:

  • It’s here and it’s X
  • X will change your life because…
  • We’ve already sold X units of X!
  • Reminder that X is here


If you stop shouting about a product, your audience can forget it. That’s not to say that a successful product launch should go on forever, but your product should remain in the public consciousness through a series of reminder posts.

In the time immediately following the launch:

  • Testimonials from those who have purchased
  • Updates on stock levels if they are running low
  • Reminders of why they need your product

In the mid to longer-term:

  • Occasional posts reminding people that this product is available
  • Product combinations or reasons to re-purchase

Successful product launch strategy

The key to marketing your new product is consistency and excitement. You can’t just announce (or fail to announce) and expect people to buy-in. Ramp it up slowly, get people excited and have them on the edge of their seats for the announcement.

Continue to remind them throughout the launch period! You may think you are “bothering” them, but the reality is that people are busy, and a single notification can, and often is, missed. By sending out multiple messages, often across multiple forums, people are more likely to see it and have it appear on their radar.

And finally, remember to show that your launch was successful! If people loved it, tell your audience! If it sold out, fantastic!

Be creative

While any given campaign should have an overarching aesthetic and theme, you don’t have to stick to what you’ve always done. A new product might have new branding, a new style of messaging or be promoted on a new platform. Find what works for this product launch and run with it. Use social media, PPC advertising, newsletters, and texts. Mix and match to amplify your voice and get your new product out there.

Want a hand?

Product launches can be draining, and a cohesive marketing strategy might be the last thing on your mind but don’t let that put you off. Our team has everything you need to create engaging digital marketing campaigns or manage a launch event on or offline. You should be excited about your new product so let us help share the feeling. Get in touch today and let’s put a plan into action.

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