Our Favourite Projects 2022

It’s nearly the end of 2022 and we have had such a fantastic year working on dozens of projects, big and small, for a wide variety of clients here in Canada and beyond. We wanted to take a moment to think about our favourite projects and share what made this year so special.

Lynn, our Commander-in-Chief and Lead Marketer

We had so many incredible clients this year that it’s hard to narrow my favourite project to just one!

Rather than list every tremendous person we’ve worked with, I will say that the projects near and dear to me are the ones we developed on multiple levels. Website, social media, ads, podcasts, video, freebies, etc … that’s when I can see the entire strategy evolve and stretch its wings to become a moving entity for our clients. Watching numbers grow through hyper-specific campaigns and seeing website hits increase, SEO soar, and ROI elevate … it makes me happy to my core.

But with all that said, my favourite thing about working on these projects is my team. Zoey, Danica, Vatsala, Aymen, Michael, Micah as well as Jean and Chris – their professionalism, confidence, creativity and knowledge means that I can spend CEO time planning for the future while they masterfully drive our work. They are my favourite part of 2022 and beyond.

Zoey, our Client Services Manager and Copywriter

We have worked on so many fantastic projects this year; it’s honestly hard to choose! I was very proud of a social media campaign I coordinated with Danica for eDrive Powersports and I loved developing and reworking the content and website for Tosh Taylor’s Podcast Hub website. There have been some exciting writing projects this year – press releases, blog content, long-form social media content… I loved supporting Sara Phelan of Evalu8-Evolve and creating the Albert County Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

I’ve also managed to work wonders on the SEO side with huge results for many of our clients. It’s great to see the hard work pay off and give our clients the visibility they deserve.

Danica, our Senior Graphic Designer

I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved with our Cyber PR visuals this year. We reworked old material, planned for upcoming events, and styled new social media campaigns. With all the assets we’ve created from print to web, we’ve been able to keep our identity very consistent and the compliments have warmed my heart. Glad to have a hand in helping us look so presentable and put-together. I’ve also been able to revisit some motion graphics for our team this year. I was so nervous to hop in but ended up enjoying it massively.

Blue Country Insurance is another client whose assets are developing into a standout-recognizable brand. Their socials and infographics have been fun to create and turn out very clean and presentable every time.

Finally, I wanted to get a bit more involved with our web process when time and space were available. I wanted the opportunity to present web mock-ups/layouts and got the chance when Winexpert Moncton approached us for a new website. I was glad to see this is a skill I’m still capable of using. Their homepage design came out beautiful, respected their tight brand guidelines, was very clean and aligned. I like seeing projects laid out with intention and organization, and this one presented some thoughtfulness I’m proud of.

Vatsala, Senior Web Developer

From all the projects I have worked on, my favourite project is Food & Beverage Atlantic. In this project I have worked on many aspects – WPML, designing the new page and customizing the functionality. It’s a real challenge to get these done and the happiness in completing them was on different level. Doing this project, I felt “yes, I’m capable and I can resolve the complicated things” a great boost to my confidence. Now I love to solve issues on FBA whenever they come along.

Darlene Smith Project is also my favourite because it’s so bright and colourful website. Designing this site was a great fun, playing with elements and images. And site came up beautifully too.

Last but not the least our Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.. I enjoy creating pages for our website with images and content beautifully done by our beautiful team. I really liked resolving some tech issues too. Lastly as you guys gave me an identity in the company and on the website, I am so happy and grateful ❤

Aymen, our Junior Web Developer

Of all the amazing projects I got to work on this year, one of my favourites would have to be Impaxly. This project was where I really got to see all the different components that go into setting up a brand-new website from start to finish. I also got to work with some technologies that were new to me, which allowed me to grow more and further expand my skillset. On top of that, I really enjoyed being part of a project that was created by these two wonderful women who I have the honour of working with every day.

From the Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.

Thank you to all of our amazing clients and the people we have worked with during 2022. We are excited to see your projects in 2023!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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