Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. is a leading digital marketing agency
offering strategically integrated services. They proactively combine
digital assets to enhance their client's online presence and impact.

1-on-1 Digital Skills Coaching

Our digital skills coaching program will help you create a plan that works for you and your business, while you discover the confidence you need to make it happen. Whether you need help setting up CMS, learning to edit your website, understanding posting etiquette, or a discussion on the best social media queueing software, this coaching/training hybrid will deliver. You will make confident decisions in your tech choices and navigate your chosen path with ease.”

1-on-1 Digital Skills Coaching is for you if:

✔️ you want to move basic website management in-house
✔️ you want to make sure your website is backed up and safe
✔️ you want to understand content creation and how to create and SEO
✔️ you want to understand how to read reports such as Google Analytics Reports and Facebook Insights
✔️ you want to optimize the use of social media in-house
Digital Skills - best for anhyone and everyone who feels out of their depth with their tech demands

Digital Skills Coaching gives you that skills you need to run things internally and watch for critical red flags while developing your business and its digital content. Every path is different ,but we ‘ll meet you where you are and take that step together.

Your program includes:

  • 1 monthly call of 2 hours via Zoom
  • Hands-on training and learning using screen sharing
  • A plan tailored to your specific needs, even when those pivot
  • Goals for each week and month to keep things on track
  • Email support between your calls

Common topics covered:

  • Overview of who will be doing what, resources and tools needed in-house
  • Understanding security, updates and backups
  • Understanding SEO and content creation
  • Reading analytics reports
  • Basics of social media marketing including optimizing profiles and posting etiquette

Part of a team?

We can provide group training sessions, in-person in the Greater Moncton area or online via Zoom. We will give your team the skills they need with our bespoke packages. These can include:
  • Social media platforms and how to use them
  • WordPress websites and how to maintain them
  • How to create basic design elements
  • How to create persuasive copy
  • How to create an overarching digital marketing strategy