Navigating the New Normal in Food & Beverage

I recently had the opportunity to attend a fascinating webinar, during which the 2024 Food Marketing Trend Report from Nourish Food Marketing was unveiled. This session was not just an eye-opener—it was a playbook for anyone in the digital marketing and F&B sectors looking to stay ahead.  One of the game-changers discussed in the webinar […]

From Fire-Walking to Digital Strategy: Mentoring Entrepreneurs

I recently had the opportunity to mentor Martina Bernhofer of Level Up Teambuilding through the Women In Business Mentoring Program in New Brunswick. Martina runs an exciting venture, Level Up Teambuilding ( https://levelupteambuilding.com ), known for its innovative team-building exercises, including its standout service, Mind over Matter, which pushes boundaries with daring activities like fire-walking. […]

Maximizing Your Impact: Trade Show Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Trade shows provide invaluable opportunities for small businesses to showcase their offerings, network with industry professionals, and elevate their brand visibility. Brokering the right connections in a B2B environment can skyrocket the success of your business. In this article, we will explore essential trade show marketing tips so you can maximize your impact at these […]