Background Information

eDrive Powersports, a recently acquired powersports business, faced the challenge of rebranding, revamping their online presence, and enhancing sales. To tackle these hurdles, they partnered with Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc., a digital marketing agency known for driving digital success and with substantial experience in rebranding.

The Challenges

  1. New Ownership: eDrive Powersports underwent a change in ownership, necessitating a brand refresh and online makeover.
  2. Digital Transformation: The client sought to reposition itself in the competitive powersports industry by focusing on electric bikes and enhancing their digital presence.

Our Solutions

  1. Brand Revival and Moodboard: Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. initiated the transformation by creating a vibrant moodboard, aligning with the client’s vision of a “sexier, edgier” brand. They explored classic racing colors like Ferrari red and bright yellow to infuse energy into the branding.
  2. Comprehensive Proposal: Recognizing the need for brand pivots to enhance the efforts of the new owner, Cyber PR Army provided strategic advice to guide the client’s decisions and outlined a roadmap for the website’s rejuvenation.
  3. Promotion of Canadian Made Products: To resonate with the Canadian audience, the agency crafted web graphics and social posts with the message, “Canadian desgins for Canadian riders. True Canadian design for the ultimate experience.” The tagline “Support local, love local” reinforced the local connection and bought into the trend to shop local throughout Atlantic Canada at that time.
  4. LinkedIn Setup and Branding: The agency set up a professional LinkedIn presence to bolster networking and B2B opportunities for the client and to help the ownership change appear smooth and professional.
  5. SEO Improvements: Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. initiated SEO improvements across the website, tackling both on-page and technical elements to boost the visibility of the business substantially.
  6. Google PPC Ads: Pay-per-click ads were incorporated both to provide an initial visibility increase and to help eDrive promote pop-up shop events around Atlantic Canada.
  7. Newsletter Training: Cyber PR Army Solutions also provided one-on-one training to provide an eDrive team member with the skills they needed to send a monthly newsletter to their customers.

Our Results

The collaboration between eDrive Powersports and Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. yielded significant outcomes:

  1. Brand Refresh: The brand achieved a refreshed, more appealing presence that resonated with the target audience.
  2. Online Visibility: Enhanced SEO and Google Ads efforts led to improved online visibility, attracting greater number of potential customers.
  3. Engaging Messaging: The refined messaging helped connect with the Canadian market, promoting local support.
  4. LinkedIn Presence: The professional LinkedIn setup facilitated networking and potential B2B collaborations.
  5. Newsletter Engagement: The newsletter was successfully sent out monthly internally and built subscribers and interest over time.

Future Initiatives

As eDrive Powersports continues its journey, Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. plans to expand digital marketing efforts, including thought leadership content and regular article postings, to keep the brand at the forefront of the industry. Engaging video reels are also a possibility, to grab attention from potential customers scrolling on social media.

Words from Lynn, Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc.

“eDrive Powersports successfully embarked on a digital transformation journey with the guidance of Cyber PR Army Solutions Inc. Our expertise in branding, content refinement, and digital marketing contributed to an invigorated online presence, paving the way for growth in the competitive powersports industry.”