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CyberPR Army

Your business is unique, and as such, there is no one- size-fits-all strategy. Maybe you have no online presence and need to make the leap into creating your digital footprint, or maybe you have a full repertoire of accounts, websites, and ad ideas that you need to be managed while you concentrate on growing your business. CyberPR Army provides the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to create and instigate a bespoke strategy for your business.

The right solution is the one that’s right for you and the one that gets results. We pride ourselves on our strengths in multiple disciplines spread across our awesome team. We offer website creation, SEO optimization, copywriting, social media management, and graphic design amongst others – whatever you need, we can create it in-house to your specifications and ensure it works as part of your overarching marketing strategy.

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In 2021, retail e-commerce sales of physical goods amounted to almost 29.9 billion U.S. dollars and are projected to increase to 40.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2025 – Statista

64% of Canadians have active profiles on Facebook. 45.8% are also on LinkedIn – Statista

A Sampling of Reports for our Clients

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Website SEO Keywords Growth Report
Website visit duration due to engaging content and user experience report
Social media engagement due to marketing campaign

Our team includes:


Lynn – she’s our Commander-in-Chief and queen of marketing strategy. Put her knowledge to good use as she creates a plan that works for you.


Zoey – she keeps us organized, coordinates with clients and is our resident copywriter. With more than 15 years’ professional writing experience she can create the message and tone that’s right for your business.


Danica – she may be young, but she’s already created thousands of digital and physical assets for a wide spread of businesses.


Michael – he does tremendous things on the tech-front, keeping our websites maintained, secure, and creating websites your customers will love to visit.